Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Okay, since Erik gave me this thing I suppose I'd better put something up here, otherwise it'll be as lame as 90 percent of the other web pages out there.


Work is going the same as always. I finally got put back onto the Op Center rotation but I'm only up there half a day this time instead of the whole day. There aren't any calls to speak of and most of the systems run well most of the time so it turns into quiet time to get other things done. But of course everything you have to do is downstairs in your cube!! This is going to be the least informative section of this thing since one of my compatriots got smack around pretty badly for things he wrote about work in his blog.


The Midnight playtest is going well. I missed last week but Jeff timed things so the party only actually got to the river toward the end of the evening. It's supposed to be a big deal because my character is half dwarf, half gnome and the gnomes are the river trading folks. It should be fun. H#ll the whole game is a blast and I can't wait for the main book to get back from the printers so I can part with some more money!

I've been playing Age of Wonders 2 lately. I'm into the third scenario and it's getting a bit tougher. Not a bad effort.

The Vampire campaign is winding down since Andy started Law School and is short on time. Next week we're attacking Hardstadt, the Ventrue clan leader and nominal leader of the Camarilla. He doesn't mess around with small plot devices! But then we are playing eight hundred year old vampires, not your typical player characters.

The Star Wars game is scheduled for tonight. It should be fun.


The Axim is working out well so far. I still need to learn the tricks and the owner's manual was of little help but I'll get there eventually. I did order another power adapter and cradle since it nearly ran out of juice over the weekend.

I finally got that 80Gb hard drive I ordered months ago from Office Depot. Now I just have to get off my b#tt and send in the rebate form. Sooner or later I should install it and set up WinXP also since I do have it now. Ah well.


I've been dating a woman for a couple of weeks now and it's going pretty well. Last night we went to see Shanghai Knights. I loved the first one but this one suffered from what many sequels do, it's not the original. Ah well. Tears of the Sun opens in a couple of weeks and Gods and Generals is here now.


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