Friday, March 16, 2007

Rot in hell

We've all heard what a great guy "Scooter" Libby is (what kind of a guy goes by a name an eight year old would desperately try to shun? how does he hope to be taken seriously?). How he didn't mean to leak the name of an undercover CIA operative. How it was because he had so many important things on his mind that this one little fact may have escaped him, leading him to change his story about it.


It was classified information. If you can't handle it properly, you should lose your security clearance. If that means you lose your job, oh well, maybe you were the wrong man for the job in the first place.

Unmasked CIA officer gets her 'Garbo speaks' moment
Plame to Tell Her Story Before Congress

But now I think I've changed my mind. Libby should rot in hell, as should Rove and Cheney.

Unnamed CIA sources indicating in a general way (since it's still classified) that she was what was called a NOC ("non official cover"). Meaning that she wasn't a pretend state department employee or some other government official who we could claim back and rescue if caught. She worked as a real spy, under cover with the fake identity and everything. If her cover was blown then the government couldn't admit she worked for us and come and get her. And while she may not have been deployed overseas when they blew her cover, they did ruin her career because she had been back and forth all the time and was an undercover operative whose life they put at risk.

So it sounds like it was a breach of national security and I hope and pray that their civil suit leads to convictions. We won't ever know if Libby, Rove and Cheney will rot in hell but I like to think they will. If not for a multitude of other sins then surely for this.


Anonymous ryan said...

think about the people plame worked with - the other field agents who introduced her to the "bad guys." you think they're still alive? and even if they are, you think they can ever do deep cover work again? anyone acquainted in any way with her is now suspect.

this is a screwup of the highest order. it's not just an accident, and it's not just one name. it's like the administration was trying to undermine the entire cia...

no way - they would never do that, right?

Blogger banzai said...

Also any organization she "worked" for as part of her cover and anyone else using that "company" as a cover.

I don't think it's so much a targeted effort against the CIA as it is a self-centered, "I'm in charge and therefore I'm the Most Important Person in the World" complex (often times called a God Complex in other references).

They simply don't care about anyone or anything which doesn't give them more power or more money. Or help out one of the "good ol' boys".

I guess in that perspective it may very well make them truly evil people.

Blogger opit said...

Ah, hell. Let's do the 'conspiracy theory' thing. Given she was on the nuclear threat assessment desk and bullshit about that was to be cover for assaulting Middle East nations ( I ran across the idea there was a list of 7 prospects somewhere ), taking out intel services while obscuring/excusing the source of the leak might not have seemed like a bad deal to people who sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives to their plans. They even had a loyal soldier lined up to take the fall !
Nothing is more characteristic of this administration than a round of incompetence, bullshit, greed and ruthlessness squared.


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