Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Miscellanity, Part 5

I saw a few things today in my news scans that registered.

Tossing MickeyDee’s Cup of Ice at Driver Gets Mom Two Years Jail

Other places are calling it the "McMissile Incident" but that name, while snappy, doesn't convey the gravity of a mother being taken away from her three children (all under 10 years of age) for two years. Nor does it touch on how we treat the families of deployed servicemen (her husband is serving his third tour in Iraq).

However, road rage can be a serious problem and in heavy traffic, if it's moving at any velocity, something like this could cause a multicar pile-up which could leave dozens of people in the hospital (or the morgue).

I saw this as well

Iraq vet's wife: "If Iraq don't kill you, Walter Reed will"

And I had heard the NPR piece yesterday while on the way home from Wal Mart.

U.S. Army Hospital Reported to Be in Poor Shape

And the Washington Post article


Well the post won't let me link to it without registering but google has lots of other sources.

Walter Reed Hospital

One the one hand it didn't surprise me at all, having been in the military and been in the hospital, that the combination of the two could prove to be worse than ... well perhaps worse than the injury itself in the first place (the cure worse than the disease?).

And (of course) on the other hand it's a shameful way to treat war veterans. But not at all unexpected given ... well that path just leads to more bushbashing.


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