Monday, January 22, 2007


Today marks the 34th anniversary of the end of "forced pregnancy" (as I like to call it). Today women got at least some control over their own bodies rather than being forced in the dark of the night to go to men with coat hangers to "fix" the problem.

Abortion Ruling Anniversary Marked

"Fetal rights"??

They're not even people yet but still they have "rights" (and thus attorney's, advocates and litigation). What's up next? If you have a stray thought about having a child and then decided it was just that, a stray thought, you're going to be punished for killing (ie, not having) a baby? Or will it be "not having a fetus"?

Can we, perhaps, inject a little, oh, I don't know, common sense into this issue?

Nope, sorry, we don't need any of that hear. Take a hike buddy!

Jury Selection in Libby Trial Nears End

This particular topic still burns me. It was classified information. It got out. He seemed to be the one who let it out. Take away his security clearance and send him to prison. Problem solved.

And then when I considered it I realized that proving he was the one who let it out is the crux of the problem. And why he's being tried for perjury instead. And, after all, when they finally did put Al Capone in prison it wasn't for killing scores of people, running a racket or assorted other thuggery, it was for tax evasion!

So throw his perjuring ass in prison!


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