Friday, December 22, 2006


"Bravo two-six this is tango three-niner, add fifty, over."

Okay, Wednesday I went to Urgent Care about my leg. The same shooting pains up and down it as I had back in April so I suspected that I had pinched the nerve again. The doctor confirmed it after examining me. He had me loosen my belt and when I redid it my pants were loose. So I undid it again and looked at the space between my belly and the waist. Damn. (later on yesterday evening when I took my belt off hoping the pain would be less I kept having to pull my pants back up so I had to put it back on) I wonder if I have any old pairs of pants left from back when I was skinnier.

I went to the church last night for Karate, hoping I could do some stretching or maybe some katas. Not so much. But Austin was there so I went hope to get his Christmas stuff. The Boy had been playing games all day long (I turned the internet on before I went to work) and hadn't even *started* his chores. So when he heard me pull into the garage he ran out and started unloading the dishwasher. Wednesday (his first day on break) I had gone home after Urgent Care so it was unreasonable to expect him to have them done. Yesterday he chose to play instead of doing his work first so this morning I didn't turn the router on. And I have karate again so I'll be home late, so he'll have all day to think about it. I suspect that he'll do better for a little while and then fall back into his patterns. At least his school work isn't failing this year (so far).

But I realized that when I can't do karate I feel like I "let down the team". But it's not really a spectator type of thing. I can learn a little from watching them work or trying new things but nothing is as good as getting out there and doing. Then the leg pain shoots up and down and it's "not so much".


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