Friday, November 03, 2006


The one call, besides Brand calling to tell me to let the group know he's running late, I got this morning was from a woman who asked me if I had paged Doctor Patel. Odd but we get wrong numbers sometimes.

Later I was reading this;

Grand jury indicts former Midlander on murder charges

and I see on the ads section one for a Doctor Vikram Patel, who specializes in Sinus, Ear, Nose and Throat in West Texas.

That's a heck of a page.

Man talk about getting in trouble.

School Bus Driver Fired After Giving President Bush The Finger

I had heard he was in Missouri stumping for Talent. I wanted so bad to go to wherever and stand outside holding a big sign that said "LIAR". But I guess not.

Jack proposed a pretty scary theory the other day. Consider these facts.

1) Karl Rove and President Bush and everyone from the current administration who's been asked about the possibility of the Democrats taking the House has very confidently denied the possibility, despite the polls. (Easily explained -- what else will they say, anyway? That they're prepared for their party to lose? They have to cheer the home team.)

2) There have been a number of reports from all over the country of various new electronic voting machines malfunctioning -- recording votes for one party as votes for the other. In only one of the stories I've read has this malfunction seemed to favor Democrats. (Diebold tells us that it'll all be fine...)
[ed: Studies at a number of places have proved that these machines are exceptionally easy to hack and it's very easy for even simple things to munge the "paper trail". How can someone tamper with an electronic voting machine?]

3) On the same day that the military tribunals act [ed: What I called the "torture bill".] was passed, Bush signed into law a measure (part of public law 109-364) that makes it easier for him to mobilize the National Guard under federal authority and use the military for police duties -- i.e., declare martial law in parts or all of the US. Habeas corpus and posse comitatus out the window in 24 hours, scary. (The right is defending the measure as a response to the criticisms about federal inaction during Katrina. Because apparently the National Guard would do better than a functional FEMA...)

It kind of sounds like a Bruce Willis - Denzel Washington movie I saw years ago, what was it called? ...
"The Siege". Hmmm.

Weird Al coined the neatest phrase I've heard in a long time for his song "You're Pitiful".

"Delusions of Adequacy"


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