Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm in the wrong business

Consider that today is day # 251 of this year. Week # 36, so 2 weekend days is 72, 251 - 72 is 179 work days so far this year.

Down the Homestretch, the House Wanders Off Course

The House of Representatives have worked so far this year, 80 days. And, except for the speaker, they make an annual salary of $162,500. That's $2,031.25 a day. I won't break it down into hours since I have no idea how many hours of during those 80 days they work. It couldn't, however, have been more than 24 so let's use that number, which is at least $84.63 an hour and at most (assuming an 8 hour work day) $253.90 an hour. I make $20.62 an hour (before taxes, $15.17 after). And that doesn't count times when I'm on call and have to work over and above regular hours. Or any other times I work above (which is whenever necessary).

I say again, we're in the wrong business.

And this week they've passed a bill banning the slaughtering of horses for human consumption and a bill to mint a coin commemorating the birth of Abraham Lincoln. Up next are H. Res. 912, "Supporting the goals and ideals of National Life Insurance Awareness Month" and H. Res. 605, "Recognizing the life of Preston Robert Tisch and his outstanding contributions to New York City, the New York Giants Football Club, the National Football League, and the United States."

Apparently the record for inactivity, the "Do Nothing" House was set in 1948 when they only worked for 110 days and passed 1,191 pieces of legislation. So far this house has 80 days and 400 pieces.

I say again, we're in the wrong business.

But when I mentioned this to Alan, he pointed out that these are the top 538 liars in America and if I didn't rank in that august company I couldn't get this job.

Ah well.


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