Friday, August 25, 2006

I've got a hint for you


Cruise missile hits deck

Make good movies!

Then we'll start going to see them again. I certainly wouldn't pay $15 for a movie with the crap you're putting out there now! "Snakes on a Plane"? Andy said it had a suck modulus of 1, the perfect movie. It can't be worse than you could possibly imagine. However I won't actually pay any money to see it. Even if it does have Samuel-Motherfucking-Jackson in it.

And who's fault is it if you give the A-list actor a cut of box office receipts before costs. Hello!!! Nina Jacobson is right, it's not fair. But it's not our fault you people (studio executives) are idiots!

But then do I really care if the hollywood movie business is in the gutters? They haven't done very many good movies and none recently. If the poor executives have to only live on six figure salaries? Does Cruise really care that he's been "fired" after having made *how* many millions over the past few years? (of course I wonder what Scientology's cut has been)


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