Friday, August 11, 2006

Byte me

You pretentious ASS!!!

Portrait of a Blogger: Under 30 and Sociable

(and it's strangely gratifying that a woman can be a pretentious ass as well as hairy [or hairless] old neocon white men)

[goes off to read the article, having only so far read reviews of it at Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad (Woman) Blogger?]

It's a bit difficult to tell if the wildly stupid claims (bloggers are mostly young, they mostly do it just to network or they don't intend to have any social impact) made in the article come from her or from the Pew study she quotes as a major source.

I'd been meaning to blog on something but nothing had coalesced to the point of coherent thought much less actual words. Until I got angry about something stupid posted out there in internet-land (I refuse to call it "the Internets"). But you have to admit that this is just plain stupid-Stupid,

"'The average blogger is a 14-year-old girl writing about her cat,' said Alexander Halavais, an assistant professor of interactive communications at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut."

Fuck you "Professor"! Just what blogs are you reading and should your name be on a watch list in Connecticut?


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