Monday, July 17, 2006

Lethargy Incorporated

Well it's hot out there. And true to Missouri form, while it's not hot in terms of how hot it gets in some other places, the humidity nearly matches the temperature. A really annoying tendency, if you ask me.

I saw the doctor about my leg a week ago Wednesday. He recommended physical therapy and last Monday was my first appointment. I'm going every Monday and Thursday mornings at 08 for three or four weeks. I see him again this Friday to see how it is. So far the tingly feelings are getting less fequent and it doesn't hurt as much. It hasn't kept me awake at night for a bit now. I have exercises to do every morning and evening and I've been trying my best to do them.

Saturday the car mysteriously died when I tried to go to karate. I put it on the battery charger (it made that whirring sort of clicking it does when the battery is dead) all night but that didn't help. When it came time to drop the Boy off for his friend's birthday party Sunday we managed to push start it and then I drove it around town for awhile. That seems to have charged up the battery enough that I haven't had any more starting problems. But perhaps it's time to get a new battery.

Marlin and Yvonne have had to quit WoW so I don't know who I'll run around in there with now. I'll probably just log in to check on auctions and make stuff to sell, and then move on to another game. I reordered Neverwinter Nights after I had bought three new modules (about $8 each) and they needed the CD key to activate (or even download). But it was only $20 for the game and both expansions. NwN 2 is scheduled to be released some time this year, I may have to get that. Plus I never finished Half Life 2 so there's that and a bunch of demos.

I got a new widget for the stand mixer, an ice cream maker. So not only did I make rye bread Saturday, but I made vanilla ice cream Saturday and chocolate Sunday. All three things turned out pretty well but we don't have the Wednesday game this week so I can't show it off to the gang. Ah well.

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