Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still Sweltering?

Well I *think* the AC has been fixed but it was kinda warm when I got here this morning. I was running late since the bus "skipped" the Boy and I had to drive him. And the doors were again closed but the fans inside were still around. Some on and some not. And it seems to have gotten cooler since I got here. So it could just be taking awhile for it to cool off again after the AC comes back on. (I was going to say that my forearms weren't sticking to the desk anymore but that may not be the case)

Looks like a film I want to go see. I'm not big into fashion or anything but Meryl Streep looks like she had a woot making this one. And Ann Hathaway was pretty good in those princess movies she was in a few years ago (well I only saw the first one). Stanley Tucci is in it also and he's always good. I guess (after reading that article) there aren't too many guys whose primary concern regarding what they wear to work is whether it's clean, but how exactly do you "distress" a handbag (and why would you want to?)?

Superman ain’t gay, he’s queer
And the question has apparently arisen concerning the orientation of Superman. There also seems to be a bit of speculation about Superman being an alleghory for the life of Christ. I'm fairly certain he's the messiah for a legion of parents-basement-dwelling, thirtysomething, video-store-clerk, comic book geeks. Who knew they were fundamentals Christians too? And what do we get if we combined the two ideas

Just because I can't seem to make a post without some political rant in it, we can peruse;
Reform DeLayed
The Supreme Court's ruling is disappointing but the conservatives stayed true to their "base" and the others found no grounds for dissention (apparently). So expect the House of Representatives to represent you even less and be even less productive. Man I wish I could be paid $162k a year to goof off.

On the last issue the Court has before they close this session, they ruled that military tribunals are illegal.
Hicks' military trial ruled 'illegal'
Hmm. I wonder what the Administration is going to use for an excuse to keep Guantanamo open now?


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