Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Sweltering, Day 3

Well the AC is supposed to be fixed tomorrow morning. When I got here this morning the doors were all closed and none of the fans were out as they had been yesterday. It turned out that I must have just been early. Brian asked me to go cover the Op Center so Brand could continue his Unending War with IBM and work on TSM. So I packed up (before I had unpacked) and headed out.

It was nice and cool over there but my leg has been bothering me for most of four days now. I need to call the doc and make an appointment. Except I'm afraid that he may tell me that I can't do karate, which would be very disappointing. Of course I should have it looked at before something happens which requires amputation (I guess I've been watching too much "House"). They don't seem to be afraid to kill patients on that show. ;P

Torg is cancelled for tonight. Andy had a family emergency. I hope everyone is alright but now feel guilty since my reponse was that everyone could come over anyway instead of expressing my concern. The heat is throwing me off. Yeah, that's it!

I keep thinking I should send Senators Talent and Bond email asking them why they're wasting time on this flag burning ban (techinically it's a ban on desicrating the flag with no definition of what desicration is) instead of real work. Ironic since I'm blogging at work! (of course I'm not working for 5,595,211 people, and not getting paid $162,100 a year either)

In looking for the website for "House" I was poking around and found some clips of interviews with the actors. It was funny because Hugh Laurie has a distinctly British accent. And that reminded me of an ET thing I caught on accident that discussed that issue. It seems that he has to have his "American" accent "always on" or he doesn't sound right, so he always talks that way on set.

Damn, reading his bio is cool. Seems he's quite the talented English Actor (caps intended). Wrote scripts, screenplays and a novel, recorded original songs, directed and starred in a number of good shows/movies.

Well it seems that we have to go to 802.1x testing now.


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