Monday, June 26, 2006

Well that was

a bit alarming.

I found out that Ryan and Julia had broken up so I was going to remove her blog from my links. While I was scrolling through I found the link to the Erikson book I'd finished reading so I put in the link to the new book I'm reading ("The Truth" by Terry Pratchett). Somewhere in the mix I lost about half of my template. D'oh!

So I backed through all the pages I'd been to until I found the editing one and managed to copy everything there and paste it back in place. So I managed not to lose anything but it showed me that all the work I put in some of these things needs to be backed up somewhere else. So I copied it again to a file on this machine.

The air is out here today so it's rather warm. Although the weather in Columbia today is much milder than it has been, than it was last week, it's still a bit warm in here. The compressor is gone and they won't get a new part in until Wednesday or Thursday. D'oh

Jeff is flying back to the States this week. He sent a note out about his retreat challenge entry and when I went to look at the calendar I realized that Origins is this weekend. So, since I've done none of the prep I should have I don't think I'm going. Ah well, it's not like I've been going straight although it would be nice to see Jeff, Jay and Garrett again. And to poke around a Dealer's room for awhile. But I won't spend a bunch of money on games I don't need or won't have time to play.

The Retreat is coming up late next month so I'd better get to writing. I've got a decent idea finally for an entry for the Challenge but I need to finish the general outline and start making up the setting specific rules. Rather than try to learn d20 Modern or Spycraft (or d20 Spycraft) I think I'm going to use Savage Worlds since I have two copies of that book (and can borrow another two) plus I know those rules already. So all I have to do is to decide what setting specific stuff I want to use and draft those. Then I can start on my idea for the scenario. All I'll say now is that it involves Buried Pirates Treasure, the KGB, the NSA and more mystery.


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