Friday, June 23, 2006

Smoking for charity

Remarks, testimony clash in Ney probe

'The report, Walsh said, merely shows the lengths Abramoff and his partners, who "have pleaded guilty to deceiving their clients, employers and member of Congress, would go to further their own greed."'

Exactly how is going to jail "furthering greed"? So not only is the Congressman a liar, but his spokesman is a moron. Well, should I really be surprised? The operative question is, will the voters buy his line of sh!t?

"Although testimony at Safavian's trial indicated the golf trip consisted largely of golfing, drinking and smoking cigars, Ney told the Senate committee he thought it would raise money for underprivileged children in Scotland and Washington, D.C."

And how does golfing, drinking and smoking cigars help raise money for needy children? Are they betting on who would win? Who would drink the most? Who can smoke their cigar fastest?

America, these are your servents in Washington!


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