Friday, June 23, 2006

Assorted Nonsense #2

Must-have Products for Raising Sluts

"DoctorMama was elated to read that the FDA approved an HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine that prevents cervical cancer. And then surprised to read that some people believe giving the vaccine to young women may encourage them to engage in premarital sex."

Well then if their children don't get the vaccine and then (later) die of cervicle cancer, that particular mindset may be removed from the gene pool. A self-correcting problem as it were.

But it led Mary Tsao to speculate about other products which may cause girls to become sluts. Including;

  • Softpaws: widgets you put on your cat's claws to prevent them from tearing up your furniture. So the girls can then go out all night worry free.
  • A better sports bra which allows them to galavant around half naked more comfortably.
  • A white noise machine which will make their parents sleep more soundly and not hear them sneaking out their windows to service the neighborhood boys.

And it seems that

Difficult Decisions: Minimum Wage, Nannys and Sex Workers

Sex workers are paid better than child care providers. And they seem to have similiar skill sets.


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