Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Leaving the show

You know I've watched a few shows over my tv-watching "career". I've loved some of them and I've hated ... well when I hate them I just stop watching (or don't start - I can't really stand the few things I've seen Steve Carroll in so I never watched "The Office" except by accident and I turn it off as quick as the buttons will depress).

But when a loved character leaves a show, for whatever reason, I mourne. When they ("Those bastards") killed off Janet Frazier on "Stargate SG-1" I hated them. Granted it was a fabulous two part episode, very well written and acted. But still ...

And while "NCIS" isn't great, I do enjoy watching it, mostly because of Mark Harmon, Lauren Holly (now) and Pauley Perrette. But her (Pauley's) blog makes me think.

Pauley's Blog

And I know Donald P. Bellasario has made a ton of shows and a lot of them pretty damn good. He's in the background so I don't know a lot about him but it still strikes me as pretty damn callous to be harping and harping on and on about someone leaving "NCIS" and making all the actors wonder if it's them. I mean to me it's just a tv show. If I like it I'll feel sad or mad or something but it won't really affect my life in a dramatic way. But for the actors it's the job and in short it sounds like he's firing someone. Which is a lame ass way of handling that. Now I know that most of them will move on to some other project, a movie, a play or more tv but still. Making fun of it and freaking people out. Lame ass, Donald P! Lame.


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