Thursday, May 11, 2006

Save the Internet

I've been watching the news on the "Net Neutrality" lately. It has be as scared as most people who have a bit of knowledge about what the ISPs are trying to do. Fearful that whatever I do on the interent won't work as fast because the sites aren't owned by big companies that can afford the higher (faster) tier of service.

But a piece this morning on NPR gave me a little hope (since the ISPs are pouring tons of lobbying money at the ethicsless - is that a word? - politicians - perhaps a more PC term is "ethically impaired").
Damnit I hate it when I hear something on NPR and then can't find the link to it on their website. I think it was a comentary or opinion piece and the focal point was "why would large content providers want to pay more for fast access for their customers" (unless they could somehow pass on the costs). And it seemed to indicate that these companies were pouring as much lobby money into the mess as the ISPs and Telecom providers were.

Note: I talked to a friend about this and he tells me that the large content provider's lobby isn't nearly as big as the telecom lobby so fear is firmly seated again. Fear and the trust that in any given choice Congress will do the worst possible thing.


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