Monday, May 08, 2006

How do you spell ...

"da da dah"!?

I'm talking about the phrase that Carlos Mencia uses on his show when referring to people who either a) have no brain or b) don't use the one they have.

I had meant to point out a silly phrase that BBC News used in one of their piece about Bush's appointment for director of the CIA. (Profile: Michael V Hayden) They said "... voiced concern about Gen Hayden being a general with close ties to the military ...". (Which brings to mind the question Can you be an Air Force general without having close ties to the military?)

But not knowing how Carlos *spelled* that phrase I went to his website to see if he had a list or something which had is spelled out. I found his piece about why illegal immigration is a problem. He's got a bit in there asking how bad your interview went if you're the American and you lost the job to Julio just in from Nicaragua.


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