Friday, May 05, 2006

Supporting the troops?

Letter: Empty words for U.S. troops
(apologies if you can't get to the article without being asked to register, I used Google News to get there and that worked. I find it in the list of opinion pieces but it asks me to register when I click on it)

This woman (and I've no idea what a spriter is) seems to believe that although the administration has talked the talk, they didn't seem to walk the walk.

And I know from personal experience that there are two things that you don't mess with. You can mostly dish out anything else and they'll take it and still get the job done. Sure they'll bitch but then if they didn't then thinks would be really bad. At least they'll go through hell if you a) give then (at least) half way decent food and b) never, ever, ever mess with their pay. So cutting combat pay and separation allowance is a Very Bad Thing(tm).


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