Monday, April 24, 2006

The stairs ... oh god, the stairs ...

I say this because my thighs are screaming at me. Yesterday was bad but once I got sat down it wasn't too bad until I decided to try to get up again.

But today I had to actually move around and do stuff.

Saturday I was all ready for my testing. I even went and carbo loaded by going to Fazolli's for pasta for lunch. Granted I should have done it the night before or for breakfast for an 1800 workout, but I never knew how it worked. I just followed along the gang when we had a(n Army) PT test the next morning. I was relaxed and thought I knew most of the answers to the questions I might be asked (I blew all the stance questions and a few of the other ones). But carbo loading does nothing for your endurance and that's what I needed for the exercises Marlin gave us. 400 ... I didn't even hear what he called them, but they were squat thrusts with a pushup at the bottom. Yvonne talked him into adding 600 crunches to the list so at least we had a break for them for a bit. And I didn't even get close (well I did get more than half way I think) to finishing (but the point is to keep us exercising for an hour or more).

I even soaked in the jetted tub for an hour the next morning. It felt good but not so much that it was all better.

But then we went for Shakespeare's pizza after and that was Good.


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