Tuesday, March 28, 2006


As I get ready for work in the morning I listen to NPR. They have pretty decent news even if most of the personalities on the morning show have the interview skills of a dead wombat ... (goes off to find out what a wombat is) ... hehe, Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat ...

Anyway I listen to the news and most of the time I hear something I have some comment on, something I want to blather on about in my blog. But by the time I get to work and start my morning checks (which include my servers, news pages, blogs and some comics) I usually can't remember what I wanted to say. I do remember one from this morning though.

The president (little 'p' since I don't like him) let his chief of staff quit and picked another. It wouldn't be any sort of deal except I truly fear that these men think this guy is a "Great Man" and "Can Do No Wrong". So there exists a distinct possibility that they'll act as yes men the next time he comes up with some hair brained idea ("invade Iran? yes sir, great idea"). Or they will engage in some sort of illegal activity which does even more irrepairable harm to the country in his name.

And the Republicans think that he should further shake up his house and bring in some greybeards. That's just what we need, even more old fat rich republicans to rape the country some more. Cause you know lawyers are back in season!


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