Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Miscellanity, part 2

Some stuff I hear that I will now blather on about (sigh, again!).

* Anna Nicole Smith has a case before the Supreme Court. It's so much money that if they donated much of it to New Orleans they could rebuild it pretty much as it was. ... Well listening to the NPR piece on it it was only a billion dollars or so. Maybe not. And it strikes me as incredibly ironic that the whole business takes place in Texas. Man, his son sounds like a real "piece of work".

* Ports and more ports (secure web is on port 443). The Coast Guard pointed out the security holes based on missing intelligence last year. While I have nothing against the Dubai company and they're mainly coming over to do business, accepting their "special assurances" when you have questions strikes me as pretty damn naive. Why can't we look at your documents now? However our politicians need to keep in mind if we treat these guys like thugs then they're not going to bring their billions of dollars in business to our side of the pond.

* Enron is ... well it's just astonding. I couldn't find the piece I had heard but now I recall the phrase that stuck in my head. It seems that yesterday's accounting witness was chided by the defendants for not using "aggressive accounting". I wonder what that is and what kind of math it uses (recognizing the fact that in accounting, 1 plus 1 doesn't necessarily equal 2).

* Halliburton is so much a crooked company. No bid contracts that are padded (Kellog Brown & Root) beyond imagining. Really it's not surprising to consider their behavior when you consider the way people who run it (like Cheney) behave (I have to answer to no one).

Well not as much as I thought.

Hoorah for John and Brand who installed my garage door opener last night. I won't even try to pretend that I helped. I stood around, held screws and passed up tools. Now I need to make something good for them to eat to pay them back. :)

I talked to the family this weekend about some things and suffice it to say that I don't really want to talk about it. [stuff deleted]

Karate is still hurting lately. But as long as I don't have too many pops and crackles while we work out it should be okay. Dave and I were practicing hip throws (Marlin got out a really big soft mat to land on) and my bad leg popped once but I still can't determine why. Well I can still walk so I guess it's a win (any landing you can walk away from ...).

Civ IV is turning out to be a lot of fun. Who knew conqueroring the world could be so entertaining (well, fans of the series did since they made it so successful). Matt wanted to play it but it takes the CD in the drive so I gave him Civ III to play (a new item in the toolbox for compliance/good behavior/good grades/etc). WoW is getting a bit tedious since my shaman got 60 and that server is getting a bit lonily. Yvonne and Marlin moved to another (new) RP server and started Alliance characters so I started some there too. Lots of folks in the guild she found to chat with.

Now that the garage door opener is done I guess the next project is to get the moulding down [I talked to Brian and he told me it's "quarter round" and I need to get a miter saw to cut the corners on it] on the walls (you know, that little roundish piece between the baseboard and the floor). Need to go out and dig on the net to find out what it's called. It should be cheap from what Erik tells me but I'll need a ... saw setup to cut the corners.

Well enough blathering for now.


Blogger Mary said...

I'm glad that John and Brand could help you out with the garage door opener. Sorry I had Jorgie tied up on another project at home. The good news is that our new flooring is almost all the way in...just need to do the closet floors, which won't be much fun- lots of cutting and fitting.
We also need to put down some quarter-round in the bedroom to cover the places where the new flooring butts up against the old molding. Oh- I also still have to paint the closet doors- I was waiting for a warm day to take off work and do that...today would have worked, if I haven't had meetings and work to get done.


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