Friday, February 17, 2006


Item 1:
I know full well that I'm a freak. I like science fiction, I'm good at math, good with computers, play computer, board and role playing games. I'm a nerd, a geek. All this I've known for longer than some of you, gentle readers, have been alive. It's nothing new. To balance this out I'm something of a wine and beer snob (not necessarily a good thing, snobs are annoying as hell mostly), I can cook Italian really well, have learned how to cook some other things, I do stuff for my friends and sometimes I'm pretty damn funny.

Item 2:
Internet romances do sometimes work. I worked with a fellow named Jason years ago who met his wife on IRC when she was in college in Virginia. They ended up happily married (and still are as far as I know).

However when item 1 and item 2 get combined it produces interesting (or scary) results. Not long ago I received a note from a girl in Russia who wanted to meet me. She seemed nice and I wrote back. It turned out that she "fell in love" with me in about sixteen minutes (Moscow Standard Time) and was apparently unhappy if I didn't write back twice a day. She had dreams about us sitting at the shores of a lake (which almost sounded like the Lake of the Ozarks) planning a family. She had friends who had met men in New York on the internet and were now happily married and living here in American. I wrote back after a week or so that I didn't see how she could even know me yet much less be in love with me and I didn't think it was going to work. That phrase doesn't translate into Russian apparently since it seemed to bounce off.

Now, poking around (where I found a girl who'd played Everquest years ago with us, hey Ala!) I got a strange email (which I can't find now) from some fellow named Carlos who said that a friend of his had a crush on me but was too shy to contact me. He directed me to her profile. Her profile was kind of short but she said she had found someone who reminded her of her first crush, but that fellow had died just as they were getting close. Odd but not necessarily scary. [Possible complications as she attaches his attributes and her feelings about him to me.] Also odd that she's only 24 and I could have a daughter that old if I'd been married at 20.

Now I find a webpage she wrote asking me to sign up for a webcam service to prove my interest. A very strange way to either

a) let a guy know you like him (that part sounded kind of junior high school, telling a friend to let them know) or
2) recruit customers for a naughty webcam.

So not only am I a freak but I also attract them. Well I guess I knew that too! And it does keep life interesting. ;-P


Blogger alaphrench said...

Side note on the Russian thing. One of my friends ex-husbands hooked up with a girl in Russia. She convinced him she was madly in love with him and voila! He bought her way into the U.S. with a marriage. He now is extremely miserable and regrets it every day of his life. Of course my friend (his ex) thinks it's hilarious.

Blogger banzai said...

My friend Brand (whom Ail knows) also has friends with stories about Russian girls so I sent her a note saying I didn't know if it would work because I didn't see how she could have fallen in love with me in four days.

It bounced off. She doesn't send me mail every day asking why I don't write anymore but it still trickles in.

Blogger alaphrench said...

I do know relationships formed on the net can work. One of my best friends met his wife (who is now another one of my best friends) on the internet. They've been together for 7 years now.


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