Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Miscellanity

Been awhile since I posted anything, I guess nothing to funny has been happening lately.

I got an email on some dating site I filled out one day when I was bored and now some girl is Russia is in love with me. Or at least the idea of being in love with an American. When she asked me what I thought about "us" I told her she seemed like a very nice person but I didn't think she knew me well enough to love me yet but that appears to have "bounced off".

I started chili in the crockpot this morning for the game tonight and a bit ago I hear the sirens as the fire engines down the street from us took off. Visions of the cat knocking over the crockpot or ... well I was going to say Matt playing with something he shouldn't (I smelled burned paper one day when I got home but he claims he's not stupid enough to play with fire in the house) but he wouldn't be home yet. I got panicked until I realized that if my house was on fire the response would come from the fire station down by the grocery store up the street from us, not all the way up here (half way across town) ... unless it was more than one alarm.


Karate is going well, I'm *almost* to the place where I look forward to the classes rather than look upon them with trepidation (I wouldn't say dread since they are a good workout, but *knowing* your going to hurt afterwards makes me nervous apparently). Saturday I may have figured out what my problem with rolls is. Last week Marlin pointed out that I was "catching myself" with my hand and then not really rolling. I tried not to and my elbow pressed so hard into my side that I bruised my ribs. It's finally not sore anymore a week and a half later. So Saturday I tried again but this time I tried to "throw myself" at the mat, to kind of "jump" and when he watched me he said it looked a while lot better. Woo Hoo!

I got a half way decent idea for the ASGR Challenge of writing a setting for the gaming retreat. I'll likely post some of it some place when I get more written down and have it edited a bit. It's got a pretty scientific premise as the base so I don't want to get *too* technical. But I'm excited about it.

I was thinking about going home early to sleep a little but now that I've had my lunch (mmm, curried meatballs and rice, I love that stuff - but Matt hates the smell of curry) I think I'm better. Guess I should write some more documentation, we're recabling the test lab tomorrow.


Blogger not a rock star said...

One of my co-workers at the restaurant was "virtually seduced" by a Russian girl named Laska who turned out to be a 35 year old man from East LA. He was trying to scam a plane ticket to Cleveland.

Further proof that Russians (even fake Russians) are evil. Makes me miss the good old days of (non-Lukas) Star Wars and the Cold-War...

Blogger banzai said...

Well you can miss the Cold War days but then I suspect you didn't have to spend three weeks in the woods practicing your "warfighting" techniques. ;-P

But then I volunteered for it, so I have no one to blame but myself. And those days fear did preclude combat actions in most places, whereas now the administration has no one to fear if it invades another country.

And the Russian girl does seem to be still writing me wondering why I don't write. And if it is a sweaty, overweight guy in his mothers basement, he found pictures of a cute girl to send me. ;-P

Blogger alaphrench said...

Just type in "cute girl" on a myspace search and I bet lots of them pop up for you too.


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