Monday, January 09, 2006

The Reform Party

There's a lot in the news these days about scandals of various sorts. I heard an opinion piece this morning by Newt Gingrich on the Republican position in all this (telling his own boys they need to get straight). I find it hilarious that 11 years ago the Republicans swept into power to "clean up Democratic corruption" and now the "culture of corruption" is the think in Washington.

Tommy DeLay has loudly proclaimed "I've been ethical my entire career" (while finally deciding there's no way in hell he's going to get his leadership post back). Let me say to Tommy boy, "I don't think that word means what you think it means".

Sheesh, I mean when *Congress* admonishes you for ethics violations that's like ... a good anology escapes me, it seems there are no words which describe that depth of irony. (it goes without saying I hope the scoundrel spends a nice stint in a place where he wears a number on his shirt)

Judge Alito goes up before the Senate committee this week. While he may be a fine jurist, I worry about his ideas about rolling back our advances in civil liberties and allowing people to control their own lives and destinies. It strikes me a bit too much as allowing the old, fat, rich white men to run things and they haven't done so well so far (in human history rather than American politics).

Mister Cheney is back in the hospital and while it's particularily unchristian of me to wish him dead, I do wish his health would necessitate that he retire to some place where he won't get so many people killed or cause so much ruckus.

Enough politics, let's talk about something else. The Boy has finals this week. He claims he has his study plan down but I remain skeptical. All the homework assignments he's been showing me the last few weeks have been for the classes he enjoys rather than others. I asked him why he didn't do his government work and he claims it's boring. I then asked him how boring it might be if he failed and had to repeat it next semester (or year).

Karate started back up after the holidays. The workout kicked my butt but not *quite* as badly as I feared. Having said that, if Marlin reads this I expect to thoroughly have it handed to me the next couple classes. We got two new guys in the class on Saturday. I was paired with one and learned that I talk to much when I'm supposed to be helping them practice (I can't say "teach" them because I realized I really don't know much so I should keep my mouth shut and not even attempt it). But it's good advice, worry about yourself and let others worry about their stuff.

I got Civ IV the other day so my gaming might change from always playing WoW. I suspect this will be as addictive as the last three have been but in a slightly different way.

Well I had to edit this again. It seems the Performancing stuff doesn't deal well with html code in the blog entries. I'll have to see if there's a setting I can tweak or if it won't do it at all.


Anonymous Aaron said...

Some suggestions,
"That's like Snoop Dog telling you you smoke too much dope."
"...Dolly Parton telling you your breasts are too big."

Blogger banzai said...

Excellent suggestions!


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