Friday, January 06, 2006

Too seriously?

Okay this is the second test of the new Performancing stuff. I'm looking at a stupid webcomic apparently written by a guy who takes himself way to seriously. I clicked on the little notepad in the lower right corner of my browser and this pops up on the lower half of the screen. So I can write something sarcastic in my blog regardless of where I am on the net. Could be cool.

Anyway this guy has apparently (according to Gabe at Penny Arcade) appointed himself the ... commentator?, narrator?, guardian? of this new "medium" of webcomics.

I find it as funny as minor dental surgery. Actually my hygenist and dentist are very nice folks and I don't mind going to them, so I find this less funny than minor dental surgery. Along the lines of "Beavis Butthead" or (for a more contemporary reference) "The Office" (Steve Carrell seems to me to be an idiot).

Ah, I should put the link to this lame-assed "comic". Panel One Don't go see it, it's stupid. ... Well, okay, go see it once so we can laugh at this idiot.

Well the formatting I put into this didn't work too well. Some things got eaten.


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