Thursday, January 05, 2006

New machine again

Well this is the first blog entry on my new laptop (a Dell 810 Latitude). I'm still getting used to the softish keyboard with no nice click and I still don't much like touchpads, but it's going well. I've gotten some of the major software installed again and next week I'll work on transferring all my data files.

The game was a bust last night when Brand had to cancel (so it would have only been Jack and I) but the karate group is coming over tonight. I'm making Alton's Mac & Cheese plus some dogs and brats. Last night I went ahead and fixed the lasagna I'd prepared so I now have *absolutely* no leftover containers unoccupied atm.

Matt's reaction to return to school hasn't been too dramatic. His grades dropped when he didn't turn in two major English assignments (a book report and a children's book). We'll see what consequences I have to produce depending on how well he finally does, his finals are next week he tells me. We'll see how well he studies as well. He's been going to be without much drama and getting up very well. So well that I may be able to roll back when I wake him (which means I don't have to get up at six freaking o'clock!).


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