Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Okay, now spammers have progressed to phone spamming. I co-signed for my sister-in-law's educational loan so they call me periodically when they feel like it. I got two calls this morning from an automated system telling me they had "important information for me" and then they proceeded to put me on hold. The last time, after a few moments on hold a voice came on telling me all their technicans were busy asking me to hold again. NOT!! (you freakazoids called me!) I turned the volume down on my phone so if anyone is trying to call my cube I'm sorry if I don't answer.

I was talking with Brain and he was telling me that periodically he gets calls looking for someone and when he tells them there is no one there by that name they try "maybe you can help me ...". NOT!!

When I get telemarketing calls at home I pretty much listen long enough to determine if it's something I should listen to. You know, from a credit card company or the bank. Thinking maybe I misplaced last month's bill or forgot to pay it and I need to fix things pronto. When it's not someone (or some organization) that I know I tell them I'm not interested as the receiver is on the way to the hook. Pretty rude I know but they're imposing on me so they started the rude.

And it's annoying as heck when it is someone I have a relationship with (credit card company usually) and turns out to be spam anyway. Wanting to loan me more money (as if I don't have enough debt with the house NOW!). It's enough to have caused me (combined with a few other traits they have) to cancel any card I hve from Chase bank. I should start shopping around for a new auto loan and pay off that from them too!

Pardon me, I need to go cancel the last card.


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