Tuesday, December 20, 2005

On the regret

I've been admonished that in order to have a "Bacon Sandwich of Regret", said sandwich would have to be 1 week old and have, perferably, spent 3 days of which in a warm moist place.

Which leads to the question as to the nature of the Regret.

Is it sandwich based Regret? Do you really want a Turkey Sandwich of Regret? Or Ham? Or maybe a Bacon Double Cheeseburger of Regret (I can see a lot of Regret there!)? Or is the sandwich based Regret over the sandwich aspect rather than the contents of it? Perhaps you wanted a Bowl of Chili of Regret? Or Chicken Soup of Regret (that certainly sounds counter intuitive!)?

Or is the Regret personal based? Something in the recent past, something you bought that you now think you shouldn't have? A sale you missed buying something at? Something you did (or didn't) do that you think you should (or shouldn't) have? Some*one* you did (or didn't) ... well, that.

Or is it further back than the recent past? Some childhood thing you wish you'd done? Or something you miss? Perhaps family or holiday things, given this time of year.

Or is the Regret merely a metaphor for something more internal or more abstract? Life's missed opportunities? Or the ultimate futility of sandwiches and life as a whole since you'll just end up wormfood.

The Worm Food of Regret? Whoa!


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