Monday, December 05, 2005

What cheese eats?

My friend Karen came up yesterday, as she does every year, so we had lunch celebrating birthdays (her's was Saturday) and then went to the mall. She's a professional shopper (well actually she's an accountant for the Government but she should have been a professional shopper) and since we had justed fueled her up and Red Lobster she poinged around the mall for awhile.

It had been quite awhile since I went there so I went over to EB Games to see what they had, knowing pretty well what new games had just come or were due out. Quite a few Star Wars ones but that's a fossilized horse for me (so long dead ...) so I wasn't interested in any of them at all. I'd just gotten the "Incredibles" Xbox game not long ago and had gotten "Darkwatch" not long after it came out, so I didn't really need any Xbox games and was perfectly happy with CoH, CoV, WoW and now Half Life 2 for my PC. So it was mostly just browsing.

But there was an island booth with Hickory Farms stuff that I poked around while waiting. I noticed that a good deal of the "cheese" they had on sale wasn't refridgerated. Some of it wasn't even vacuum sealed, I could see the food slide around inside the plastic. And what wasn't like that was labelled "pasturized processed cheese food".

Is that what cheese eats to get big and strong?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fyi, the scoop on cheese food is here

Happy Birthday!


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