Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hmm, not as cool as I thought

Yesterday I pointed out a couple of cool new words I'd found on It was a neat site that had a lot of cool, ironic, funny new terms on it.

However I found one, AWOL which it showed to mean "Alcohol without liquid".

To me that first meant "Absent Without Leave", a military term for someone who just takes off. I registered and posted a comment about it also meaning this. The fellow who runs the site responded (in comments so in public) snidely pointing out that it was commonly known. I asked then (also snidely by this time) why "mortar" had to be defined and this didn't. When I say snidely I posted this

"Sorry, my bad for trying to help. Won’t happen again."

At the end of my question. And so he was just as snide back again. Suffice it to say that while the site is pretty cool, the guy who runs it is an ass.


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