Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's a conspiracy

And it's brilliant!

Suicide Attempts Increase in Katrina's Aftermath

* First, start a war somewhere or otherwise rack up some significant spending to increase the Federal debt.

* Next introduce legislation for tax cuts. Target them mainly for capital gains taxes and other things which try to get money to run the government from the wealthiest people. But put in enough other stuff that many middle class families get a check. It shouldn't be enough to actually do anything with, but enough that it's not considered "small potatoes". A few hundred dollars should do it.

* Then push the tax cuts through again. With a precident it shouldn't be too hard. Those middle class families should really want to get some taxes back since they squandered their first one. Now they want to do something with it.

* Now wait for some sort of emergency or natural disaster. When it comes (the bigger the better), pledge lots and lots of money for it, no matter where in the world it is (if it's at home so much the better). After all, it's only the christian thing to do (Federal debt gets even bigger). Set things up so your cronies get quick, lucrative, poorly regulated (or overwatched) federal contracts to provide "services" and "help" for those stricken (the kickbacks should be nice).

* Sit back and watch as the poor people who've been devistated by this situation slowly go mad and kill themselves. A nice nifty package to rid them (the wealthy) of those pesky poor people who always want so much help from the government and won't vote the way you want them to.

Yup, a brilliant plan! (why no, you can't pry my tongue out of my cheek with a winch and a bulldozer, why do you ask?)


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