Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Other advanced scientific topics

After reading

I wondered if they were going to start teaching alchemy at KU. So I went to

Kansas State Department of Education

And looked up how to email them. I found the secretary's name and email and drafted up this;

Dear Ms Plamann,

Given the recent news I read at

I wondered if the universities in Kansas were planning on begining the teaching of alchemy. The subject has always fascinated me and I believe since Kansas is leading the nation in efforts to change circula if that might be the place I should try to study the subject. If not the universities then perhaps vocational institutions perhaps. Please inform the board of my interest and let me know if there are programs available.

Thank you for your time.

Jim Heivilin

In the end I only sent it to my cronies rather than to them, since they may find it less than humorous. But I was tempted, seriously tempted ...


Blogger banzai said...

I heard later that they were bombarded with emails and faxes after this was announced. So mine would have been lost in the flood.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

prolly safer you didn't send it...


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