Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"W" is for Wrong

I occasionally see bumper stickers from the election last year. The big "W" ones. This morning I saw a different one. And this thought occurred to me (see title).

My new computer came today. Now I have to install the OS on the hard drive and then see about installing all the software and transferring all my data from the other one. Matt thinks that he'll get my old system. He will but it will be contingent upon his grades so he's likely to be disappointed when he finds that out.

However he did well last night passing out Halloween candy. He was sort of pouty when he finally remembered to ask me about the costume he wanted to wear. Had he asked this weekend I would have found out then that it was packed away in one of the boxes and we might have had time to find it. As it was I wasn't in the mood last night to go digging through all that stuff and he was put out, which put me out when he sulked as I showed him some other costume ideas. More drama. At least it was little drama instead of big.

Oh, and a pastor who didn't pay enough attention in high school science class. Or perhaps they don't teach science at seminary (I have no idea but I wouldn't think so). (and yes, I do sympathize with the family that a husband and father has died but it also strikes me as hilarious that Natural Selection is at work here)


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