Monday, October 10, 2005

It's Oooollllldddd

In a strange burst of ... hmm, how do I use the correct form of "non-sequitor" as a verb? Or is it an adverb? I could never keep all those straight and thank heavens Mother instilled in me enough grammar to have a decent feel for what "sounds right" to stay mostly out of trouble.

Anyway the clipboard sitting next to my keyboard is got to be 15 or 20 years old. I had it when I was the conference coordinator for the 1988 UMEC (USAREUR - US Army in Europe, Military Engineer Conference) in Berchtesgaden. And I don't think it was new then. Which in 2008 would make it 20 years old I guess so now it's 17 years old.

Nearly old enough to vote.


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