Friday, September 16, 2005


Freedom of Information a bitch guys?

I saw this because we find out now that there's a guy at FEMA who's sole job is to tell the bigwigs when something terrible is going to happen. And his report on what Katrina might do (or more accurately what a cat 4 hurricane might do) is going to be out there where media types can distort the hell out of it. So it would seem that the managers (Brown, Chertoff and Mr. president) had warning but ... didn't do enough?

But the most interesting thing I haven't found yet is how accurate this guy's forecasts were. If he was dead on most of the time and they ignored him that's pretty damning. Brown is gone now (Andy or John predicted he's going to get some sort of Presidential medal like Tenet did after he quit) but should Chertoff quit? Or be fired?

If, on the other hand, he's like Chicken Little then I suppose I can understand why they didn't appear to listen to him. But there's still the nagging little detail about the poor communication aspect of all those plans ...

"Can you hear me now?"
Apparently not!

The list of emails this guy sent the heads of FEMA and Homeland Security. Interesting.


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