Thursday, September 08, 2005

Taken to task

A lot of people have been pointing the finger (the one labelled "Fucked Up Katrina Response") at the president.

I haven't, per se, but he did appoint some of the federal folks who it appears may not have had their "A" game on. And sometimes competence doesn't seem to rank high on the list of qualifications he considers for his appointees.

Posters have taken me to task for blaming him while seemingly ignoring the state and local folks who also seem to have fscked up. Someone pointed out that following Hurrican Ivan in Florida the president had all kinds of help waiting on the highways for the storm to pass. But it was an election year and his brother was the govenor.

It's scary to think that the place where they can't count (votes) is better prepared for disaster than ... well than anyplace else. Nothing I'd ever seen in the news led me to believe the Florida guys were anything approaching competence. Maybe the LA people were just worse.

Did we elect the wrong Bush president? hmmmm


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