Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blunt Trauma

That's a bumper sticker I see on a car in our parking lot. I didn't think too much of it (besides the medicare cuts the governor is trying to pass) until I heard the other day of the special session of the legislature.

It seems there was an abortion bill on the slate last session and it was defeated. Now I don't necessarily disagree with the ideas in the bill since it covered minors getting them but it allows the parents to sue any adult who helps a minor get an abortion. It doesn't strike me as the best way to deal with the situation, kind of dumping the responsibility of the situation back on the government rather than on the girl or her parents. Encouraging blamestorming as it were.

But what really bothers me (besides the attempt to remove even more freedom of choice - no, minors don't get that yet but it could serve as a precident) is that the governor is spending some of our tax money to do what appears to me to be bypassing the system. Or perhaps preempt it since it's likely it would have passed next session.

I didn't vote for the guy and I don't much like the way he's running the state. Even more I find myself saying "No, I'm not from Missouri, I just happen to live there right now."


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