Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Well it had to be

Too good to last.

He'd get up (not without some trouble), shower, get dressed and get his stuff and get out to catch the bus without grumbling too badly. When I got home he'd have whatever chores I'd written on his list done and be ready for whatever chore would earn him his game time. Pretty smooth so far.

But this afternoon his case manager (who is also his English teacher) called me. He's not doing his work or he says it's done but when checked it's not.

Then I get an email from his math teacher. He's not working in groups and when he does he's "expressing disapproval verbally" of the people he's working with.

Back to the same lack of social skills which always seems to get him in so much trouble. Time for another talk and that will probably lead to more Drama.

Now I'm not opposed to drama. I like it in some of my television, in movies, in the books I read and in the games I play. I just don't want it in my living room "live". But I live with a teenager now so there's no avoiding it.


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