Friday, August 26, 2005

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Well the post-by-email didn't initially work but I found the switch to flip. Then it worked too well and posted the entry twice. Hmm.

Been reading too much of the leftist media anti-war stuff. And too much of the pro-war stuff. I read a piece on CNN yesterday about the president's speech in Idaho when he trotted out the "War Mom".

Now I respect the hell out of that family since she has four sons deployed now and her husband and youngest son just returned. However she still can't know how Cindy Sheehan feels unless (God forbid) one of them get hurt or killed.

And Cindy Sheehan seems to be pretty flaky herself. I read something early on that said she tried vehemently to convince her son not to go, even went so far as to offer to drive him to Canada to avoid his committment. He was upstanding enough to tell her he had to go and (unfortunately) fulfill his obligations. And he was killed within four days of arrival so he was still a cherry (what the combat vets called a new arrival who hadn't yet learned what they needed to know to survive the tour).

So it's a murky issue at best.

However, what Bush said just pissed me off.

"There are few things in life more difficult than seeing a loved one go off to war," Bush said in his speech yesterday.

I would ask him "How the fuck would you know?" (I left out the 'you draft dodging, cocaine snorting, party, fratboy fucktard' bit) Your daughters aren't anywhere near having to go to war. And when it was time for you to do your duty you played the golden parachute card and went off to play fighter pilot (until you got bored with it and then wanted to go play governor).

There were some interesting comments in the Memphis Flyer about a pair of their writers who visited "Camp Casey". I don't have a great deal of sympathy for them on the "hot Texas sun" since the men and women deployed have things a *lot* worse (oh boo hoo!). The hispanic family who came to put mementos down at the cross for their dead Marine son was heart-wrenching. Which led into the most important quote of the whole piece (I think)

"I just wish Bush had a plan."

The second most telling piece of it is the idea that everything is staged when it comes to him. The aircraft carrier bit two years ago, the "ranch", his "performance" when visiting the military families.

And then the end,

President Bush could have defused this story on the first day Cindy arrived in Crawford. He could have embraced her, looked her in the eye, and honestly answered her question: "What was the noble cause you keep claiming my son died for?"

But perhaps he didn't because he didn't know himself.

I think he didn't answer because he does know and knows that it would piss off most of America. His "noble cause" is the corporate bottom line of his cronies. (and the fact that he gets to 'play president' now) Or perhaps more accurately, the personal bottom line of those companies CEOs.


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