Friday, August 26, 2005

Sick on Day 2

So Matt took the bus to school successfully yesterday.

Then shortly after lunch I get a phone call. I think for awhile I'm
going to be dreading the phone ringing since my mind instantly conjures
up all kinds of trouble he could have gotten in to. And it was the
school but it was the nurse. It seems his pink eye had flared up again.
Marlin tells me that he's not going to get over it until he stops
rubbing his eye and washes his hands. So I guess we need to have a more
detailed hygiene talk again. <sigh> At least he wasn't in trouble.

But this morning his eye looked a bit better but still red enough that
they would have sent him home anyway. I took him to the Urgent Care
Saturday and the doc gave him some antibiotic eyedrops. Of course
they're not going to work if he can't remember to put them in ...

At least the school realizes how badly teenagers remember things and
they gave him some sort of "planner" to track his assignments in.

And I'm testing out the post-by-mail option on with this
post. I turned on comment verification so I don't get any more comment
spam. And I think it's getting time to try a new style format. This one
is getting old.


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