Thursday, August 18, 2005


Yesterday after work I took Matt to Jeff Junior so he could pick up his class schedule. I figured we'd take half an hour maybe. No such luck. We didn't get there until 1720 even though I left work 15 minutes early. When we did there were cars parked everywhere and there was a long ass line of parents and kids waiting to get in to a series of "stations". Flashbacks of any number of military personnel processing stations here and in Germany. I even got back into the mode of standing at parade rest while waiting. Stepping forward when the line moved and then back to parade rest. Probably looked funny this fat old man with a short haircut doing that.

And I heard, once again, a sound I thought was forever banished from my consciousness. High school girls giggling and talking about who liked whom, who did what, who was wearing what, etc. Man that took me back and not in a good way. ;-P

Anyway at one point someone had complained to one of the station people about something and I mentioned that we were doing great since no one was shooting at us (an oblique reference to why should we complain compaired to those deployed).

This morning while poking around I found a very sobering picture.

Kind of makes any complaint about anything you have seem like whining, doesn't it?


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