Thursday, August 18, 2005

I wonder if they "get it"

While I'm philosophically with the anti-war protestors and groups, I can't help but wonder if they understand what they're asking when they demand we pull out of Iraq immediately. I wonder if they understand

a) We broke Iraq when we invaded (and that's a whole other issue) and we have a moral obligation to try to fix it or help them fix themselves.
b) We simply lack the facilities or equipment to fly 138,000 people half way around the globe on short notice.
c) There's no way anyone (on the planet!) has the wherewithall to move the tons and tons of equipment and supplies we've moved over there.
d) Bush is at least sort of right, if we leave immediately then we doom the Iraqis to decades (if not longer) of civil war when the insurgents move their guerrilla war into the mainstream. And the result will probably be more like Saddam's regime than they'd like to admit. So the whole liberation thing becomes a mere roadbump in the history of Iraqi tyrants.
e) If we leave without accomplishing at least some of our goals, all those who died (on both sides) have died in vain. To no purpose since we can't even point at lame accomplishments and say "they died so this would happen".

But I suspect that the radical liberals who proclaim "Get Out Now" listen as poorly as the neo-cons (who got us into this mess) do.


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