Friday, August 12, 2005

Agreeing with the Hypocrite

Well I seldom find myself on his side but I agree with president Bush lately. We broke Iraq (such as it was, which wasn't pretty then) so we have a moral obligation to try to fix it.

And it's not that we shouldn't have invaded, things there were pretty bad and it was led by a man who was willing to invade a neighboring country (apparently this is the international line which shouldn't be crossed).

But lying to us about why we should invade was Bush's mistake and I hope it comes back to haunt him.

Now it's come to light that he wasn't appropriately somber when he met with some of the families of deceased servicemembers. I find it inexcuseable that when he met with the families he didn't even bother to learn the names of their dead loved one. And then he behaved like it was a party rather than a memorial. If you believe the media (not a good thing to do I think) then he was rather callous and any time he says "I care" his actions have stated exactly the opposite. And every time he drives by that mother camped outside his ranch he's reinforcing the impression that he doesn't care.


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