Thursday, July 21, 2005

Now we know what they feel like

Great. Talk about bombing their Religious holy sites is sure thing gonna stop Islamic extremists from conducting any more terror attacks on the US.


And he won't even apologize once it becomes clear how much of a boneheaded stunt that was. I pray he doesn't get reelected, that someone more intelligent (at least more circumspect) takes office. Even if they're a republican.

I went to his website and sent this to him:

Can you BE any more inflammatory and irresponsible than to suggest we should or would attack Muslim holy sites? Is there any possible thing you could have said which might prompt MORE Muslims to take up arms against us?

It seems to me to be a toss up between whether lying about the causes for going to war or this is a more boneheaded act.

It will likely end up in the trash bin since I'm not one of his constituents but still, isn't it our obligation to point out stupidity?


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