Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Only criminals need apply

I heard on NPR this morning a piece on the Rove thing. From what I could tell not mentioning Plame's name doesn't matter in regard to the illegality of the outing but knowing she's covert does. Damn. She'd been working within the US for more than 5 years so according to the law she wasn't technically covert any longer. However if she wasn't, then why did the CIA demand an investigation? The loophole ("I didn't know she was covert") is still there though and no doubt he'll take it.

And the president backpedalled and said now he'll only fire anyone if they've done something illegal. Disappointing but satisfying in a strange sort of way. I mean if he'd done the stand up thing this time and backed his word then lots of us would have been terribly confused.

And speaking about the "stand up thing", in a simplistic sort of way I can admire sticking by your troops. Standing behind them even if they've done something stupid and illegal. And the admirable thing to do if you're the stupid one is to resign so you don't cause your boss even more damage. But then if you're a stand up guy you don't sling mud (no, make that shit) for a living then, do you?


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