Monday, July 18, 2005

More "no comment"

And so the Rove thing continues. Lots of words being put out there (still none by the Administration but that's not at all surprising). Be careful what you read since most of it isn't fact but rather opinion.

I went to something linked off Google News that wasn't a report (I presume as much since the URL included the word "blog") so much as some "reporter's" ramblings. Interesting but certainly not fact by any stretch.

And the right is now claiming that we're missing the issue here, that Rove was only trying to point out wrong doing, nepotism, on the part of Plume in appointing her husband to be the one to go do the digging in Niger to find out if there was a link to Saddam.

No, I think everyone is missing the real point. Rove may have mishandled classified information (whether he did and what action may be necessary is the purpose of the Grand Jury investigation). And from my training and experience, if there is even the slightest doubt that someone has mishandled classified information (or even some doubt about their ability to handle it) their security clearance is to be immediately pulled (or not granted in the first place). Were I the security manager there wouldn't be any waivering and there wouldn't be any speculation about if he used her actual name (come on! saying it's so-and-so's wife is tantamount to pinning a name and if that's your defense you should be laughed at all the way to the prison cell) or if he knew she was operating covertly (if it's known then there's no possiblity of ever using her covertly, is there moron?) or if he meant to (no, stupidity isn't a crime, but are there some times and places where it should be?), the security clearance would be gone (with no possiblity of parole).

Given that we have military operations in two theaters right now, what other classified information is he going to find it politically expedient to release? And how many soldiers, airmen, sailors (and even civilians) will die because of it?

I don't trust him enough to take the chance.


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Eww... Google news... eww :-) Happier :-)


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