Wednesday, June 29, 2005

They don't like me

Well I went back and my question didn't make the list that got answered yesterday. I did go and read the questions she (Meghan O'Sullivan) answered and there was the expected amount (which is to say most of it) of redundancy and spouting the administration line with enough "facts" tossed in to make it sound good.

It's great that 8 million Iraqis voted in the election. However without the total population of voting age to reference that number against, it's ultimate a pointless number (just as they intend). 8 million out of 12 or 15 million voters is a significant percentage. 8 million out of 100 million voters is crap. ... A quick google search indicates that 8 million is approximately 57% of the Iraqi voters. A heck of a lot better than we usually (the last election not withstanding) do.


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