Thursday, June 16, 2005

Well it's gone

Today for lunch I ate the last of the tater tot casserole I made when Dad was here (the one Matt hacked me off by turning up his nose at) as well as the last of what was salvageable from the infamous "Banana Nut Taco Pizza" thingee. (I scraped the taco stuff off the top and put it into the container with the casserole)

Lots of interesting things in the news. It seems that Congressional Republicans are backing away from the President. Calls to answer the contents of the now infamous "Downing Street Memo" from most of the Democrats as well as plans introduced by Republicans to outline an exit strategy from Iraq (from my knowledge of military affairs they should have had that before they deployed troops).

Home is going okay I guess. Matt starts his camp next Monday and tomorrow after work we have an open house there. The cat is still hissing at him but I'm not sure that will ever change. For some reason he just can't seem to grok that you have to let cats be cats and nothing you do will change them. She hides in my bedroom all the time now and I moved her water and food into my bathroom. I take her out and put her in the laundry room where her litterbox is every morning before I go to work but she still has pooped in the bathtub. Yesterday I noticed an intermittent smell of urine and this morning I hope I localized it when I examined the soap that had fallen into the bottom of the tub. I threw it out and I hope that fixes that problem, at least for awhile.

I paid the last of this months bills today and examined my finances more closely. I seem to be spending more so far this year paying credit card bills than I have on my car! I need to examine the feasiblity of getting a home equity loan to close all those out and reduce the monthly payment.


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