Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So far so good

Well we're settling down into a routine. It's all going to change next week when his summer camp starts but Matt is amusing himself at home and doing the chores I list for him daily.

The Xbox, the computer and TV have been the carrots so far and they've worked pretty well. He gets his work done and when I tell him that his time is up there aren't any historonics. And the other day I got an even bigger carrot to use. I let him create a character on my World of Warcraft account. And he's become as enamoured as the rest of us have been. Yesterday he did things that weren't on his list but needed to be done. After he unloaded the dishwasher (which is on his chores list) he loaded it up again and ran it since there were pans sitting in the sink that needed to be done. He didn't unload it again afterwards but once I reminded him after dinner he made quick work of it. Now to make sure he doesn't skimp on the quality of his work just to get done sooner ... ;-P


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